Community Service, 领导 & 俱乐部

Environmental Sustainability Council posing during the 2019 Club Fair.

Beyond LA’s classroom and co-curricular program, 正规的网赌软件推荐鼓励学生成为以学生为中心的社区的积极成员.

Community Service

正规的网赌软件推荐与十几个当地组织合作,在整个学年的周末提供社区服务机会. In recent years, they have included:

  • Rise Against Hunger’s meal-packaging event;
  • a Habitat for Humanity house build;
  • serving dinner at the Nashua, N.H.,
  • 汤厨房 & 避难所;
  • acting as “buddies” for Miracle League Baseball;
  • opportunities with Catie’s Closet, 格罗顿 Neighbors, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Blankets of Love’s Project Linus, the Nashoba Park Assisted Living Center;

和更多的. 学生也可以在自己的社区或附近安排自己的服务机会, as long as they complete the work during the school year.


2020 Senior Cabinet
除了这些扶轮社外,还有一些亲和团体每月聚会一次. 这些成人便利的空间为拥有共同身份的学生提供了一个聚集和讨论共同问题的地方.
对于那些渴望以这样或那样的方式领导正规的网赌软件推荐的学生, select opportunities are available as well:

Student 俱乐部

2020 Club Fair
校园里有几十个特别的兴趣驱动的、以社区服务为重点的俱乐部, led by students and overseen by faculty advisors.
At least 20 clubs will operate during the 2020-2021 school year. They include:

Hitting the Books

想了解更多关于正规的网赌软件推荐的课程? 访问正规的网赌软件推荐的 学术 pages to discover the options.

“一开始,它是一个实际的服务项目,组织一个食品包装活动,后来演变成了一个俱乐部(反抗饥饿俱乐部)。. 所以现在正规的网赌软件推荐有一群学生,他们每年都在努力筹集一定的资金,这样正规的网赌软件推荐就可以举办一场食品包装活动."
Kimberly Poulin,学生助理院长,社区参与主任

Community Service Requirement

Helping others is an ongoing act of community citizenship, not something you do once and consider it done. 正规的网赌软件推荐希望向学生们灌输积极参与的重要性, continuous role in bettering the world around them. 因此, 所有学生在每学年都必须完成六小时的社区服务.

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